Will Abortion Be In The Arizona Constitution?

By Paul Parisi    1-23-2023

Yesterday was the 50th anniversary of the recently overturned US Supreme Court decision, Roe v Wade that erroneously made abortion legal in the United States. An estimate of over 63 million babies has been aborted since 1973. One out of four women in America has had an abortion. The battle of abortion in now in the hands of the states.

There was a March for Life in Tucson Saturday. The same day, over 800,000 had a March for Life at our Nation’s Capitol, yet neither one hardly made the news.

Though abortion was once rare, now many consider it a “reproductive right”. The 2022 election revealed many of our candidates for public office ran on the pro- abortion platform. This includes our newly elected Governor Katie Hobbs, Secretary of State Adrian Fontes and Attorney General Kris Mayes. These three, and almost half of our state legislatures’ are bent on shifting state budget money from organizations that help woman keep and care for their babies to the abortion industry. They want abortion legal at any stage of pregnancy.

When the legislature passes laws, they can be changed and amended by the legislature. When we vote on initiatives, we can actually add a law to the Arizona Constitution. When we put a law in our constitution, it not only puts that law in cement, it identifies us as a people. Expect pro abortionists to launch an initiative drive to put abortion in our constitution. The question is how extreme do they want to go?

The word Constitution means: “a body of fundamental principles or established precedents according to which a state or other organization is acknowledged to be governed”. I ask you this; do we, as a people want our identity as a state that is pro abortion enshrined in our Arizona Constitution? Is abortion a fundamental principle by established precedents?

Some may argue that abortion has become a fundamental principle and an established precedent over the last 50 years. The technology to abort babies has certainly progressed to the point where over half the abortions performed is chemical. In many states, getting an abortion is as easy as going online. Arizona prohibits mail order abortion but that can change with the vote of 31 Representative, 16 Senators and a stroke of Katie Hobbs deadly pen.

4Tucson is being pro active in educating the public that there are pregnancy centers who love women to life, comfort women and provide resources that will help her carry her pregnancy to term. They also help both women and men who have experienced the trauma of abortion.

4Tucson has established the 4Tucson for Life Committee, chaired by Matt Merrill. Expect to hear from them within the next few months. Arizona must keep abortion out of the Arizona Constitution. We desire that all laws line up with God’s standard of morality.