Attack on Arizona Women Athletes

By Paul Parisi   4-24-2023

Tucson was in the news last week as parents of two biological boys who identify as girls filed suit in superior court to fight Arizona’s newly enacted law, “Save Woman’s Sports”. Arizona was one of the first states in the nation to pass legislation that protects women by prohibiting men from playing in women’s sports in all Arizona schools.

One of the boys is an 11 year old, who wants to play girls soccer, basketball and cross country, the other, a 15 year old boy who feels he should play on a girl’s volleyball team. Arizona Superintendant of Public Instruction, Tom Horne responded by saying the lawsuit’s logic was backwards.

United States Congress just passed its own bill to save women’s sports from being dominated by male athletes. President Biden has vowed to veto this bill if it reaches his desk.  In Arizona, both Governor Katie Hobbs and Attorney General Kris Mayes are strong supporters of transgender ideology. How will their ideology affect the defense of Arizona’s “Save Women’s Sports” legislation?

In 1972, Congress passed Title IX that gives woman equality with men in funding for sports. This was a major breakthrough in woman’s rights. Today the Title IX nondiscrimination by sex clause is being interpreted by transgender activists as a way to justify men playing in women’s sports and men being naked in women’s locker rooms and showers. Some Arizona lawmakers have suggested putting up shower curtains to solve the problem.

We all have great sympathy for children who suffer from the mental disorder call gender dysphoria. We also feel for the parents of these children who want the best for them. It is near impossible to find a mental health professional who will guide a child through this disorder. Pima County passed an ordinance in 2017 prohibiting health professionals from counseling that will dissuade a child from being transgender or any other type of sexual orientation, calling such therapy “conversion therapy”.  Many so called health  professionals, in the guise of affirmation, coerce parents into giving their children puberty blockers and hormone therapy that chemically neuters them, leaving the child infertile. The next step is genital mutilating reassignment surgery. Last year Arizona passed SB 1138 that prohibits gender reassignment surgery under the age of 18; however the puberty blockers and hormones are still legal in Arizona.

God Himself has created us in His own image. Gender fluid ideology is contrary to God’s design. Men are biologically different from women. There is nothing stopping men who identify as women from playing in men’s sports. The few men who want to dominate women’s sports are harming all women who have a right to compete and win against other biological women. Whatever the court’s decision is doesn’t change the science of biology or God’s sovereignty.