Tucson Jericho Ride

Updated 8-29-2023 

9:00 AM Registration, 9:30 AM KSU at Harley Davidson, Ina & I-10

12:00 to 3:00 PM Community Celebration at Kennedy Park Fiesta Area, 3357 S La Cholla Rd

We would like to share with you our exciting vision for the Tucson area!

We are planning a city-wide motorcycle prayer ride & celebration on Saturday, October 28, 2023, called the Tucson Jericho Ride. This event is led by Linda Rutherford, a Local Law Enforcement Chaplain and 4Tucson, along with Tucson Christian Motorcyclist Association Local Chapter Tucson Cruising Christians, Full Throttle Ministries, Radio Impacto, Reaching Resilience LLC, City Psalms, and other local churches/ministries.

Motorcycle riders will circle the Tucson area praying for our community, our first responders, and our military. The riders will arrive at Kennedy Park Fiesta Area for a celebration with live music, food trucks, and a bike show. This family friendly event is an opportunity for you to reach the public and show you care about our community.

Please feel free to contact us at 520-745-4404 or through email at info@4Tucson.com


Click the below links on ways you can get involved in this inaugural event!

Discover Purpose – Make Friends – Make a Difference

Discover Purpose

At 4Tucson our central focus is to help people fulfill their created purpose of serving God and serving others. Ephesians 2:10 states, “For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand that we should walk in them.” Biblical city transformation occurs with individuals who earnestly seek to fulfill their calling and who are confident in how God created them. The gifts, talents, and experience are tools God uses to help others flourish.

Movement Day 2023 - Collaborating with City Stakeholders on key issues.

4Tucson’s Mission in Action

God desires to transforms our city. He has called 4Tucson to unite and mobilize Christians, empowering them to put biblical principles into action as we engage our city’s most systemic problems.

Do you know your purpose?

Do you desire to be used by God?

Below, read how God is using one of 4Tucson’s volunteers in her gifts and passions.

If you haven’t already, pray for God to guide you to fulfill your PURPOSE.

Linda Rutherford Headshot 2022
4Tucson Volunteer - Linda Rutherford

How do we unite and mobilize Christians?

This January at the 10th annual 4Tucson Blessing Breakfast for First Responders and Elected Officials, 4Tucson made friends with Linda Rutherford. Linda is using her gifts to serve the greater Tucson area as a chaplain for one of our local police departments, the Tucson Rodeo, and a local motorcycle group.

In conversation after the breakfast, she shared how God blessed her with a big dream paired with the burden of trying to figure out how to execute this dream. Linda has found fulfillment in the different areas she serves in the greater Tucson area, but ultimately, she desires to leverage her giftings, relationships, and expertise to bring about a citywide motorcycle prayer ride. She shared about participating in motorcycle rides for other meaningful causes, but her true desire is to pray for our city with other motorcyclists and spark opportunities for evangelism within our city.

It was exciting to hear about Linda’s dream, and share with her that during the summer of 2022, the 4Tucson staff prayed over a “Church of the Week” with a local motorcycle ministry. We joyfully daydreamed out loud during our staff meeting – how it would be fun to be part of organizing a motorcycle prayer ride for our city.

We dreamed about the different groups that could be reached through encircling Tucson with the roar of hundreds of motorcyclists joining in corporate prayer. Unfortunately, the dreaming stopped when we looked around the room and realized not one person on staff owns a motorcycle, rides a motorcycle, or was in close relationship with anyone who owns, rides, or is willing to organize a motorcycles prayer ride. So, we just filed the dream away until God supplied us with someone gifted to carry the dream into our reality.

To unite and mobilize Christians, empowering them to put biblical principles into action……

Fast forward to today, God gifted 4Tucson with Linda, a person equipped and experienced to plan this prayer gathering. 4Tucson continued to meet with Linda in quarter 1 of 2023 and helped plan out her dream.  We were able to unite with Linda in planning the core objectives of the prayer ride.  We mobilized her to build a team of Christian motorcyclists who are skill in pulling together prayer rides. We empowered Linda to fulfill her calling by providing support for her to succeed.

Now three months later, Linda has a steering committee and is planning her first citywide prayer and evangelism ride called the Tucson Jericho Ride, schedule for October 28, 2023.

We believe God is stirring something great in our city; and we believe God wants you to be part of it.  This is just one of the many stories that 4Tucson was able to experience so far this year. It brings me joy when 4Tucson is able to help people fulfill their created purpose of serving God and serving others. Would you consider fulfilling your God created purpose and partnering with 4Tucson to see a city aligned with God’s ways, so that His peace and prosperity are experienced by all generations?