Pro-Life Activism Workshop

By Paul Parisi   5-8-2023

May is Pro-Life Month for the 4Tucson Government Domain. We started on May 4th the National Day of Prayer, with breakfast at Fellowship Square and ended in the evening with prayer and worship at Emanuel Baptist Church which was co-sponsored by 4Tucson, J-17 Ministries and Community Renewal. 4Tucson for Life Committee Chairman, Matt Merrill, led the event with J-17 Pastor Dave Drum, Community Renewal Pastor Randy Reynolds and myself. Though we prayed for many things, Matt’s prayer for expectant mothers facing unplanned pregnancy and for women who have experienced abortion resonated greatly with all who attended.

Our society has changed dramatically since Roe v Wade 50 years ago, when abortion became legal in all 50 states. Prior to Roe v Wade, relatively few women sought abortion even though it was legal in several states. Laws banning abortion, like here in Arizona, were overwhelmingly supported. Today about 1 in 5 pregnancies end in abortion. It grieves me when I hear people referring to abortion as “women’s health care”.

Whether abortion is legal or not, we must help woman considering abortion to choose live birth. Ministering to both men and women who have experienced the trauma of abortion is important to restore people with God’s love and forgiveness.

At this moment, Arizona’s abortion law is being challenged by Planned Parenthood all the way up to the Arizona Supreme Court. Throughout the country, abortion laws are being challenged in courts, voted on in state legislatures and put to the people through the initiative process. We, as Christians, have a duty to defend life with convincing language. We must also be ready to organize politically if the matter goes to the ballot box.

On May 20th, 4Tucson is hosting a Pro-Life Activism Workshop taught by Dena Espenscheild with the Leadership Institute. Topics will include campaign strategy, communications tactics, and organizational steps that can be used to communicate a persuasive pro-life message. This knowledge, combined with the armor of God, will help us communicate in a manner that will help pregnant women choice life. We can also learn to speak in a matter to influence those who embrace abortion. 

We are ending the month with the 4Tucson Pro-Life Breakfast on May 26th. Matt Merrill, 4Tucson for Life Committee Chairman, and Development and Communications Director for Hands of Hope will speak about how to talk about life issues and why messaging matters. Come hear about how you can make a positive difference by how you talk about abortion.

You can register for both these opportunities below in this newsletter.