Are there new chapters ahead?

By Kris Calvert    1-24-2023

Hello Friends,

We hear much talk of the need for transparency in basically all spheres of life and yet that transparency, while hoped for, is much lacking.  I will put forth my best attempt to be both transparent and forthright.

It’s been a slow process getting back into the “swing of things” with regards to writing. My hopeful prayer was that during the holidays the Lord would download some wonderful prayer topics into my seeking spirit. Instead of flying, I drove out to the eastern part of Texas. Anyone making that trip knows there’s lots of territory and not much to look at. Well, except for the empty landscapes and beautiful mountains. It was a great time to spend with the Lord but those desired downloads never arrived.

There are times when the Lord brings us into a new season or chapter in our life’s journey.  We might consider these changes as times in the wilderness – that same wilderness where Moses and God’s people had to be lead, challenged and taught. But that is not always the case. Sometimes it is simply a change. January has been a month of emotions. On January 1st, my beautiful daughter became engaged. So very pleased and grateful that she is marrying a godly man who so very much loves the Lord. On January 12th, I had the honor, but with great sadness, of witnessing my partner in crime of 15 years going home to be with the Lord in kitty heaven. I am excited to begin helping a local ministry with their bookkeeping and with the possibility of helping a second ministry in the near future. And finally, I’ve been thinking (and praying) about joining a writer’s guild introduced to me by a dear family member.  The idea of creating a blog resonates within me. The idea of being able to share of myself, my faith, and God’s prominence in my life is an intriguing thought. If I’ve learned one thing over time it is that people have an incredible need to feel they are not alone; ergo, the need for community. 

I don’t know where the Lord is leading in all this. I don’t know where He is leading with this Prayer Newsletter. Who better to go to than our Lord, Yeshua / Jesus and lay this time, these thoughts before the Throne of Grace! And I ask for your prayers. Pray that I will listen attentively and not try to overthink or get ahead of myself. I humbly thank you. I so appreciate you all.