Karen Hills – Did You Know?

Karen Hills Did You Know July 2024 Square

Did You Know? By Karen Hills, 4Tucson Education Liaison Volunteer, on 7-15-2024 Did you know that 44% of the classrooms in 2023 were being taught by teachers who did not meet the […]

Elizabeth Wilson – Hope In The Park

Elizabeth's Homeless Connection July 2024 Square

Hope In The Park By Elizabeth Wilson on 7-15-2024 “I see unhoused folks all around, how can I help?” We hear this question a lot and we are so grateful […]

Discover Your Purpose Workshop

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Discover Your Purpose Workshop https://player.vimeo.com/video/455992354?h=c53fda67a2&title Know the Unique Gifts God Has Given You By 4Tucson on 6-15-2024 Mark Harris, Founder of 4Tucson, discusses the value of finding your created purpose […]

Tracelyn Sutton – Critical Connection

Critical Connection Blog June 2024 Newsletter (1)

Critical Connection By Tracelyn Sutton on 6-15-2024 When we think of elderly adults or those who rarely leave their homes due to mobility or life stage, we imagine them spending […]

Lynda Robinson – Why Do We Volunteer?

Volunteer Blog June 2024 Newsletter

Why Do We Volunteer? By Lynda Robinson on 6-15-2024 On Jul 31, 2023, Stacey Buttel and Amber Krosel wrote an article for indeed that included 10 benefits for those who […]

A Biblical Reflection on Christmas 2023

A Biblical Reflection on Christmas 2023: Hope Amid Homelessness, Addiction and Poverty By Tom Cortese on 12-25-2023 In the heart of adversity, Christmas holds a profound message of hope and […]

What An Incredible Journey

What An Incredible Journey By LaKisha Deon  8-7-2023 This summer Paul Parisi gifted me with the book “Politics According to the Bible” by Wayne Grudem. As I read through the […]