The Passing of a Biblical Citizen

The Passing of a Biblical Citizen By Paul Parisi   5-29-2023 In the early evening of May 17th, our brother in Christ, Benjamin Brookhart tragically passed away in a head on […]

4Tucson for Mother’s Day

4Tucson for mother’s day! By Paul Parisi   5-14-2023 Mother’s Day is a tribute to all mothers, birth mothers and spiritual mothers, who pour into children love, nurturing and a solid […]

Pro-Life Activism Workshop

Pro-Life Activism Workshop By Paul Parisi   5-8-2023 May is Pro-Life Month for the 4Tucson Government Domain. We started on May 4th the National Day of Prayer, with breakfast at Fellowship […]

Tucson Lawmaker Hides Bibles

Tucson Lawmaker Hides Bibles By Paul Parisi   5-1-2023 Last week I was appalled to see on the national news, Arizona State Representative LD 21 Stephanie Stahl-Hamilton caught on hidden video […]

Attacks on Arizona Women Athletes

Attack on Arizona Women Athletes By Paul Parisi   4-24-2023 Tucson was in the news last week as parents of two biological boys who identify as girls filed suit in superior […]

Tucson’s Prop 412 Ballots Mailed This Week

Tucson’s Prop 412 ballots mailed this week By Paul Parisi   4-17-2023 City of Tucson voters will start receiving ballots in the mail starting April 19, 2023 for the May 16th Prop […]

Selecting candidates with integrity

Selecting candidates with integrity By Paul Parisi   4-10-2023 The City of Tucson is in an election cycle. There will be a special election May 16,  2023 where the voters will decide […]

Allowing babies born alive to die

Allowing babies born alive to die By Paul Parisi   4-3-2023 Our founding fathers based our US Constitution and Declaration of Independence on biblical truths. “We hold these truths to be […]

Drag Queen Story Hour Pros[

Drag Queen Story Hour Prosponed By Paul Parisi   3-27-2023 Over 50 years ago in New York City, Manhattan’s 42nd St was notorious for sleazy bars, strip joints and burlesque houses that […]

Is “too big to fail” General Welfare?

Is “too big to fail” general walfare? By Paul Parisi   3-20-2023 With the recent and ongoing bank bailouts, many are questioning once again; “are some businesses to big to fail”? […]