Support Our Police

By Paul Parisi   6-26-2023

When Tucson Police Chief, Chad Kasmar, took over the Tucson Police Department in 2021, it had been in decline for years. Morale was at an all time low. Officers were retiring and moving to other police departments much faster than recruitment could keep up with the exodus.

In less than 2 years, Chief Kasmar has not only earned the respect of the Tucson Police Department, but the community at large and the Mayor and Council who wisely picked him as the Tucson Police Chief. Yes, the department is still dangerously under staffed, but even with a limited budget great strides are taking place to turn that around.

Chief Kasmar is worked closely with the Tucson City Manager and Mayor and Council to get more resources for staffing, equipment and training. Having Mayor and Council support is crucial to getting the tools necessary to fight crime. Though police funding is a little higher now, Tucson has a checkered past in supporting police. On June 19, 2019, Mayor Romero hung a “Black Live Matters” (BLM) banner on City Hall. Anti-police sentiment was high as “defund the police” was urged by BLM supporters.

In response to the BLM banner and protesters, 4Tucson put out a call to action to our members to participate with other pro-police supporters at public hearings. In the end, Tucson police officers were given a hefty, well deserved raise in pay. Community involvement does make a difference.

When communities put top priority on public safety, crime goes down. To show an example, Tucson’s neighbors, Oro Valley, Marana and Sahuarita, fully fund and staff their police departments and in turn, are the safest communities in Arizona. With our vocal support as citizens, we urge the Tucson Mayor and Council to give the Tucson Police Department a higher level of funding to make up for past shortfalls.

I ask you to register today for this Friday’s 4Tucson Breakfast with Tucson Police Chief Chad Kasmar. Let’s learn what we can do to support Chief Kasmar and the Tucson Police Department.