Social Services

The purpose of the Social Services Domain is to provide opportunities for Christ-centered fellowship, collaboration, professional development, and prayer among social service agencies and partners.

FIRM (Former Inmate Restoration Movement) Information and Resources

Working with Casa Alitas

September 2023

We were able to welcome some incoming asylum seekers with all the essentials to get them started. The children have beds, and they all have a new beginning. It looks a lot better when you’re not looking at your future from the floor. We get to do this!

Working with the City of Tucson

November 2023

New Life for Unwanted Items!

Tom contacted the City Of Tucson at Housing First, and Alison at the Wildcat Inn regarding left over furniture and household items from a large flea market.

Ecstatic at the ability to start families off, COT and Wildcat Inn brought out several trucks and loaded them up. 

All these items would otherwise be filling a landfill. Instead, they have new life in families moving from homeless to transition to their own places with their own furniture. What a blessing to be a part of it!

October 2023

Joining again with the City of Tucson housing folks to help a couple of homeless moms and kids get into transitional housing.


September 2023

Collaboration with city of Tucson helping moms transition from the Wildcat Inn to housing with the kids!


July 2023

Providing for two young ladies leaving transitional housing for a fresh start into their own places. We helped to furnish and provide dishes and necessities for them to get started. Including those small items that add up and can become quite costly.

From Death To A Disciple of Jesus

August 2023

See our very own Tom Cortese speaking of his spiritual journey with Alex Liu on his podcast “The Way of Love with Alex Liu”. 

Working with El Rio Health

August 2023

In our ever growing network of organizations, nonprofits and businesses, we have a continuing collaboration to help support patients being released from Rio Health. Two more patients got some necessities covered and the invitation extended to come “shop” again.

Videos with Tom and Da'Mond on Fresh Start


Dr. Da’Mond and Mr. Tom Cortese Freshing Things Up!



Tom Cortese and Trehon Coleman keeping it Fresh!


Tom hosting with Da’Mond calling in for Fresh Start Updates!


Da’Mond and Tom getting their Start on, Freshly!


Tom, Da’Mond and special guest, Marcy Kumer, the Director of Outreach at The Haven.


Tom, Da’Mond and Trehon Coleman!


Tom and Da’Mond chomping at the bit for a new Fresh Start in 2024!


Tom, Da’Mond and our special guest, Brandi Champion, the the City of Tucson’s Housing First Director!


Tom, Da’Mond and Trehon Coleman!


Tom, Da’Mond and guests Laura Conover, County Attorney, and Shondrea Thomas, Communications Director for the County Attorney’s Office.

Connection Cafe

August 2023

The Connection Cafe meets the first Thursday of every month. It’s set up to support and encourage organization to introduce their purpose, find friends with like-hearts and then make a difference in our city, zip code, or area of influence. Come lock arms with others until we make the difference!