Social Service & Prayer domains Bring you Fresh start

By Kris Calvert and Tom Cortese    10-20-2022

The Social Service and Prayer Domains are pleased to present our 3rd collaboration of bringing before you a local non-profit; and ways you might be able to engage with this ministry through prayer.


The Fresh Start Expo is a powerful event where judges of the Superior Court, Justice Court, Tucson City Court and Pima County Juvenile Court, along with resources from all over the city and county, join together for a day of offering services and resources to a population who has had legal or difficult experiences in their lives. These judges, through their courts, are able to address warrants, fines, restitution obligations, and legal actions for the expungement of records, restoration of rights, and other legal assistance to keep individuals out of the court system and jail. These barriers prohibit a flourishing life and with barriers gone – those returning from incarceration can access employment, housing, utilities, health care, and other community resources they need for effective reentry into the community.

“Having these courts available on a Saturday with childcare, preregistration, or first-come-first-served opportunities provides court access to ‘those with a conviction history’ while not missing work or managing awkwardly timed court appointments. All legal resources are located on the mezzanine of the Tucson Convention Center and people who enter the area are directed appropriately.” Linda Leatherman, Board member Fresh Start

Fresh Start is pleased again to have speakers like Mayor Regina Romero and Pima County Attorney Laura Conover. Additionally, judges and participants will also be speaking throughout the day. A job fair will be available. There will be opportunities for individuals to get a stylist to do their hair and who will pray over them until finished. People will be directed to an area for clothing to wear into the job fair. I can personally attest to many men and women who came through this event last year. It was an emotionally charged transformation of renewal that left a lasting impression.

The event in 2021 offered assistance and helped more than 250 men and women seeking to better their lives by putting the past in the past where it belongs. This year’s event will be on Saturday, October 22, 2022, from 09:00 am to 01:00 pm, and will again be at the Tucson Convention Center at 260 S. Church, Tucson. Resource tables will be set up throughout the convention center to offer essential services to all those attending the event. Many organizations are signing up to be part of this. We believe people will be entering into the perfect place to wholistically change and improve their lives.

Dr. Da’Mond Holt is the catalyst and the passion behind Fresh Start with its vision many years ago. Now, other cities and states are interested in bringing Fresh Start to their communities. How exciting is that?  All those a part of Fresh Start are so grateful to God for His blessings on this event and for the flourishing that continues to result from the valuing of every life equally! This was modeled for us by our Savior who, upon going to the cross, granted to all who believe – a FRESH START

Praise God for this Organization! For more information, please go to: