Prayer Points for Education (students, parents, teachers, administrators, and legislators)

4Tucson Prayer Domain 10-1-2022

What is listed below is NOT in order of importance. These points can be used for public, Christian,
private, or alternative schools. It is my prayer that through praying out some of these points, the Lord
will direct you to pray for things not on this list. Please feel free to share with me at

  1. Pray for the teachers of faith who are currently teaching in our schools. Pray they will be God’s hands, feet & voice, examples to their students, even if they are unable to share their faith.
  2. Pray for our schools to be free from physical violence, bullying, etc.
  3. Pray that all subjects (reading, writing and arithmetic, et al) will be taught with integrity and excellence.
  4. Pray for parents to be continually active in their children’s education, from nursery through high school and beyond.Pray for teachers and parents to work together for children’s best education.
  5. Pray that prayer will be invited back into the schools.
  6. Pray that our schools are places where students learn critical thought and learn how to
    work/play/engage with one another rather than be separated out for their differences.
  7. Pray for God’s wisdom, discernment and protection over schools boards and legislators who
    have the authority to implement programs into the schools.
  8. Pray they will make decisions that benefit the students, not what the world says is right
  9. Pray for God’s protection over our children. There’s a spiritual battle going on for the hearts and minds of children – pray against the spirit of suicide.
  10. Pray for discernment over
    teachers who may be the first to notice if a child or teenager is in need of help.
  11. Pray the Lord will raise up Christians to teach, mentor, or be of influence in the public and
    private schools.
  12. Pray a prayer of thanksgiving for all those who give of themselves to all aspects of
    education. Pray that the Lord will continually fill them with his joy, peace, and rest.