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By Lynda Robinson    5-14-2024

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“Raising Highly Capable Kids” parenting program is coming back to Tucson!

Desiree Goodwin from Arizona Baptist Children’s Services (ABCS) and Trina Petrash from Gospel Rescue Mission (GRM) have been jointly awarded a Grant for the national parenting program, Raising Highly Capable Kids!

For over 12 years, this evidence-based and multi-lingual program has brought together communities to help parents raise children who become healthy, caring, and responsible adults. Currently, over 36,000 parents have been engaged in 39 states and 267 communities. These numbers increase on a daily basis, and this is where you come in!

We would like to invite anyone interested to attend what we call a “Vision Casting” for the program.

This is a short, inspiring time to learn more about Raising Highly Capable Kids! We will be bringing together Tucson leaders, connectors and citizens who want to see change come through training parents in how to raise Rezilient Kidz!

We are truly excited at 4Tucson to see this high caliber parenting program brought back to Tucson.

The Vision Casting will be held at:

Emmanuel Baptist Church,

1825 N. Alvernon, Tucson, AZ 85712

June 27th at Noon

**Lunch is provided, so registration is essential


You are welcome to pass this information along to others. Find out how you can participate and/or support this program. For more information, you can also contact Lynda@4Tucson.com .

Related information: For further information, research, and impact videos regarding Raising Highly Capable Kids, go to the Rezilient Kidz website, https://www.rezilientkidz.com/raising-highly-capable-kids/.

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To hear more about the program from Desiree Goodwin (ABCS) and Trina Petrash (GRM), you are welcome to come to the 4Tucson Collaboration Breakfast on May 24th at 8AM: https://4tucson.regfox.com/tucson-collaboration-breakfast-may-2024