Raising Highly Capable Kids

By 4Tucson    12-29-2023

One goal at 4Tucson is to help strengthen families. We are committed to finding ways in which to help stop the pipeline to generational poverty, which includes building up and encouraging families, from top to bottom. While researching, we are looking for best practices and evidence-based programs.

We found a tool that we believe will help achieve this goal. Raising Highly Capable Kids is an evidence-based parenting group curriculum that helps parents learn how to build resiliency and protective factors into the lives of their children. The groups last thirteen (13) weeks and we have had great reports from the families and organizations that have participated.

4Tucson received a grant in 2022 and offered facilitator training and materials for free during 2022-2023. Though our grant has now ended, we are currently working with partners to write and receive further grants. If you would like to know more about this curriculum, please go to www.rezilientkidz.com for further information.

You are also welcome to contact Lynda Robinson (lynda@4Tucson.com) for further information.