Prayer Points for Health Care Workers

4Tucson Prayer Domain 10-1-2022

Including and definitely not limited to:
nurses, doctors, technicians, dentists, optometrists, surgeons, etc.
in hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, private practices, etc.

  1. Pray the Lord’s protection of their health and well-being each day.
  2. Pray for the Lord to bestow an extra measure of grace over their families. Many are single
    parents or have spouses who also work and are caring for the children.
  3. Pray the Lord will work through hospital and clinic administrators to be conscientious of the
    medical equipment, tools and materials needed for their staffs to perform their tasks
  4. Pray for the Lord to grant an abundance of patience as they work in stressful environments and with people (patients or family) who are worried, scared, angry, frustrated – stressed.
  5.  Pray those in the medical community will be able to find time in the midst of their days to
    minister to each other when needed.
  6. Pray for clarity of mind and thought, and for guidance as they engage with each patient.
  7. Pray for rest. Many go home to active families. Pray for good sleep and rest especially on
    days off. Pray for good rest for those who work 2nd shift – all night and for those who may
    work 24 hour shifts and are only able to catch short periods of time to rest.
  8. Pray their walks with the Lord, along with trust and dependence on Him, will continue to
  9. Pray against burn-out as many hospital units and clinics are short staffed.                                    
  10. Pray for hospital administrators to provide fair compensation to all workers. Travel nurses
    are being hired to fill staffing shortages at hospitals and these travelers make almost twice
    as much as core staff which creates bitterness and resentment among the staff.
  11. Pray for hospital administrators to act favorably toward their staff during staffing crises.
    Nurses, technicians, etc. are required to take care of increased number of patients with
    fewer support staff. As a result, patients are not seen as often leading to possible safety
  12.  Please pray God’s protection for healthcare workers who choose, for whatever the reason,
    not to get the vaccine. Pray against discrimination and for protection for their finances and
    jobs, especially in light of the current staffing shortages.
  13. Pray for healthcare workers who are committed believers in Christ, that the Lord will “guide
    [their] steps by Your word, so [they] will not be overcome by evil.” (Ps 119:133) And “May
    integrity and uprightness protect [them], because [their] hope, Lord, is in you. (Ps 25:21