Praying For Our Government

By Paul Parisi   1-9-2023

It’s a bright and early Monday morning. There is a large group of us who left Tucson on a chartered coach bus at 4:30am. We traveled from Tucson to the Arizona State Capitol to join Center for Arizona Policy and BridgeBuilders on a prayer walk for opening day at the Arizona Legislature.

Praying for our government is the most important thing we can do. We pray God keeps His hand on our great nation. We see in the Bible that every time Israel turned from God, there was trouble. Here in Arizona we elected a new state government. After some of their statements and actions, we truly need God to intervene.

It’s no secret that Governor Katie Hobbs ran on a pro abortion, anti-school choice platform. She is also opposed to state laws that prohibit men from playing in women’s sports and legislation that outlaws gender mutilating transgender surgery on children. She supports existing law that allows chemical castration of children with transgender hormone drugs called “puberty blockers”.

Governor Katie Hobbs first executive order, in the guise “Protecting Employment Opportunity”, may introduce a quagmire of “woke” race baiting, gender identity and sex orientation preference for state employment. Not only state jobs are under the rule of her executive order but all companies that contract $8 billion in contractual transactions by over 30,000 vendors.

On its surface, the executive order prohibits an array of classes of people who can’t be discriminated against in employment. How this order is carried out may certainly discriminate against faith based organizations that do business with the state. Government over reach can easily morph into tyranny. 

We have many national and state laws that were carefully passed by our legislatures and upheld by the courts that address discrimination. Governors do not have the authority to create new laws, no matter how noble their intent may be.

Though democracy is messy at times, it’s still the best way to pick our leaders. It’s the leaders we pick that make the difference. If we pick leaders who are morally grounded, who share our values, we rejoice.

Proverbs 29:2, “When the righteous are in authority and become great, the people rejoice; but when the wicked man rules, the people groan and sigh”.

By being salt and the light in the world, we certainly can have a transformative effect in society. God is the authority of government. Let’s do our part, as biblical citizens, to be governed under God’s world view.