Economic Opportunity & Development Prayer Points

4Tucson Prayer Domain 10-1-2022

If you have an interest in reading more about what is behind this taskforce, please click here:
Economic-Opportunity-and-Development-Report.pdf ( The report is about 90 pages long
but it is well worth the read if this is an area you are passionate about. It begins with a biblical
perspective, talks about where Tucson is at this time, and ends with a discussion of potential solutions.
If you are interested in learning more or even participating in this taskforce, please contact Tracelyn

  1. Pray our efforts in Tucson are viewed with the compassion and interest with which they are
    intended, that the community would see our true intention and love for our neighbors.
  2. Pray relationships we develop are fruitful – reflecting Jesus and demonstrating the love of Christ.
  3. Pray our connections with residents of the Amphi Neighborhood would be multiplied, and that they
    would be genuine, heartfelt, warm, and inviting.
  4. Pray the projects we work on in the Amphi Neighborhood would be in partnership with the
    residents and businesses and that their benefit will truly be long-term.
  5. Pray for Christians in the Amphi Neighborhood to rise up and become involved in the restoration of
    the Amphi Neighborhood Association. Pray they would shine the light of Christ into their
    neighborhood so others might see Him and come to know Him.
  6. Pray the churches of Amphi Neighborhood would unite in friendship and form deeper relationships
    with one another so that together they might increase their outreach and impact.
  7. Pray the continued influx of homelessness in the Amphi Neighborhood, and city-wide, might be
    met with compassion and empathy; that they will be seen as people who have needs and who have
    much to give; that they might become viewed as citizens and worthy of respect, dignity, and love.
  8. Pray that refugees in our city would be welcomed with open arms, that individuals & organizations
    would come to serve them with wisdom, grace, and hope for their futures – offering them lasting
  9. Pray those serving would teach them the love of God and how their lives may be
    renewed through faith in Jesus.
  10. Pray for the 4Tucson staff, who seek to serve and partner with our community, that we might be
    open to ideas, to changes, and overcome setbacks.
  11. Pray our hearts would be filled with clarity of
    our work, empathy and comradery with those we partner with, and grace for one another as staff.
  12. Pray for our leadership that they might have wisdom, patience, fortitude, and perseverance in their
    calling to serve.
  13. Pray for our organization that we might have stability, consistency, integrity, and