Opportunities to Make a Difference

Volunteer Opportunities in the Community

By 4Tucson    Updated 2-03-2024

You are special, you have a purpose, and you are needed! Ministries across the city are in need of your special skills.  Volunteering is a great way to meet new people and help out the community of Tucson. Volunteering can also provide stimulating challenges, gain confidence and help you find and fulfill your purpose!

The below are community ministry volunteer needs. To see 4Tucson volunteer opportunities, click here.

Volunteers Needed:

For Our Food Bank Ministry Contact Debbie at 520-722-2217 or Debbie.Luera@hpcaz.org

His Presence Church

We have a large food bank ministry near Alvernon and Grant and are in need of volunteers to:

Help with food pickup from our partnering vendors, and help with the distribution on site at the church.  Contact Debbie.Luera@hpcaz.org