old testament that Prepared us for jesus

By Paul Parisi    12-19-2022

Isaiah prophesied the coming of Messiah nearly 600 years before the birth of Jesus. There are literally hundreds of passages in the Old Testament that prepare us for Jesus.

Christmas is a big holiday for the world and a high holy day for Christians. In Isaiah 9:6, we are told that Jesus would come to earth as a baby, both human and God. Even as a child, He was given the burden of responsibility of government. No matter who governs on earth, God will always be on the throne.

I ask you this; if Jesus is truly our Lord and Savior, are we doing our part as biblical citizens on earth to carry out God’s plan for the government that is on Jesus shoulders? There are steps we all need to accomplish to have governance that measure up to His plan.

Self Governance – We must conduct ourselves in an upright and moral manner. As Christians, we are commanded to love one another. We must fulfill our God given purpose in life.

Family Governance – We have a responsibility to love and respect our spouses as Christ loves the church and to raise our children in a godly home. Our children must be planted in fertile ground. 

Church Governance – The church is the body of Christ. As a church family, we must lift up our pastors and teachers so they can equip us to spread God’s word. Being united in Christ requires a healthy church.

Civil Governance – It is true that all authority comes from God. That said, as biblical citizens, we have been given the ability in America to delegate authority to representatives. We must elect godly representative whose governance pleases God. It is our duty to keep them accountable.

As we celebrate the birth of Jesus, let us not forget He will be returning. Are we prepared as individuals, families, the church and as a society? Let’s do our part as biblical citizens.