Merry Christmas!

By Kris Calvert    12-20-2022

Greetings Pray-ers,

You are probably now aware of the changes which will be taking place at 4Tucson in the New Year. Several weeks back 4Tucson’s Founder and CEO, Mark Harris, shared the following message. “Building on the foundation 4Tucson has created over the past eleven years, it is my time to turn over the reins of leadership to a new team. The Board of Directors, after an extensive vetting process, unanimously selected LaKisha Deon to be the new CEO of 4Tucson effective January 1, 2023I have the utmost confidence that she will skillfully lead us into the future.”

Like with any major announcement there can be a myriad of questions. Mark’s response:  “For years, I have taught men and women how to develop their own life purpose that glorifies God. I have encouraged them to go courageously fulfill it. Since 2001, when writing the plan I believed God created me to fulfill, I have diligently worked to accomplish it. After twenty years, God is now allowing me the opportunity to fulfill one last thing in that plan. I have always had a deep desire to financially support the advancement of the Kingdom of God. Because we have a great team at 4Tucson, I believe now is the time to move out of the CEO role and spend the rest of my life making money for kingdom purposes. While it will be the hardest and the riskiest thing I have done in my life, there is no doubt that God made me for this. I am cautiously optimistic that this effort will bear abundant fruit. I am excited for the future of 4Tucson and I am excited for my future.”

Many of us reading this can relate to being at a “time” or a “crossroad” where we sense change in on our horizon. Speaking from personal experience, this is often filled with introspection, seeking counsel from others and spending much, much, much time in prayer.  Once the decision is finally made, sometimes we find ourselves questioning if we’ve heard from the Lord correctly. However, as I’ve shared lately, when we purposefully desire to DWELL in His Presence, the Lord DOES guide our footsteps. I hope you will join me in continuing to pray for both Mark & LaKisha as they step out in faith into their respective new roles; and to keep praying for 4Tucson as this ministry actively seeks the Lord’s direction as it enters into 2023.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

It seems incredible that in just a few days it will be Christmas! 

Abba Father, it is my heartfelt prayer that you will bless, comfort and guide all who are reading this today. I pray this for always, but most definitely during this Christmas & Hanukkah season. What an incredible gift you’ve given us – Your Son! I pray for shalom and harmony for those who may be dealing with difficulties during this time. I pray for the Spirit of JOY to rise up within Your Body (the Body of Christ/Yeshua) so that we may be a reflection of your love to a broken world around us. I pray, Lord, for your protection to surround all those who may be traveling. Let there be clear skies and clear roads wherever their paths may take them. I pray your children will have opportunities to share about you whether to a stranger or a family member. Lord, it is my prayer we will be found faithful to share Your Good News whenever we can. I pray you will bless these readers with good health and good relationships, and a continuing desire to deepen their walks with you. Bless them as they spend time with You!!! I pray your blessings over their prayers! Thank you, Father, for hearing this prayer!

See you next year – 2023!!!