Make a Difference

4Tucson has identified 22 city-wide systemic problems that we believe God will show us how to fix with long-term, sustainable solutions. The closer we help our city align its ways with God’s ways, the more the citizens of our community will benefit. We are all called to Make a Difference in our generation (Acts 13:36, Matthew 5:16). Through 4Tucson, opportunities to fulfill your purpose serving God and serving others in Jesus’ name are endless. We will help you make a city-wide impact.

Taskforces: Addressing Systemic City Issues

Teams of CityChangers work together, strategically in Taskforces. These teams consist of CityChangers from various Domains who address systemic city issues.

Poverty reduction

economic opportunity and development

Poverty reduction:

4Tucson's Poverty Reduction Taskforce tackles systemic issues that cause poverty so individuals, families and communities can thrive. We apply biblical principles in partnership with organizations and those living with poverty to help them build capacity in their lives. As more individuals, families and communities in Tucson thrive, the city flourishes. For more info contact

economic opportunity and development

Economic Development is the sustained, concerted actions of policymakers and communities that promote the standard of living and economic health of a specific area. Economic Opportunity is the accessibility of an individual to directly participate in elevating his/her standard of living. For more info contact


Housing is the process of providing opportunities for renting or purchasing a temporary or long-term shelter for individuals and/or families. For more info contact


The purpose of the Education Domain is to unite the community around local schools by supporting students in their social, intellectual, physical, emotional, and spiritual development in order to prepare them for a lifetime of success. For more info contact