Prayers for 4Tucson

4Tucson Prayer Domain 10-1-2022

Below are prayer needs that we have at 4Tucson. Please prayerfully read through them and allow
the Lord to speak into your spirit which prayers He wants you to focus on. The second page of this
document shows 4Tucson’s Guiding Principles. I hope you will find them useful and are able to
incorporate one or more into your prayer time. Please pray for:

-God to be honored and glorified in all that we do: meetings, fellowships, projects, and events.

-The health (mental, physical, emotional and spiritual) of all 4Tucson’s staff. If you’d like a list of
names, please go to the website and click on “About – Staff”.

-People to catch the vision of what 4Tucson is about and that they will have a desire to join in withwhat God is doing in and through 4Tucson within our city.

– Greater measure of wisdom and discernment for 4Tucson’s senior staff as they seek God’s
guidance and look to make 4Tucson decisions in accordance with God’s will.

-Encouragement and tenacity for all Domain & Taskforce Directors as they grow their areas of
responsibilities. Pray for people to come alongside them to help because one person (i.e. the
director) cannot do it all. 

-Open doors and strategic engagements with people and ministries – corporately and within the
Domains & Taskforces.

– Open doors and strategic engagements with people and ministries – corporately and within the
Domains & Taskforces. 

-Funding! Pray that people will desire to support this ministry with monetary gifts. 

-New Directors for Domains and Taskforces AND new support staff. Please pray that the Lord will
raise up individuals who have passion, integrity, interest and capabilities in the various positions


4Tucson Guiding Principles
We will not be satisfied with the status quo.
We know God desires to transform cities.
We know God has a purpose for every life and we want to help people fulfill it.
We try what others say is impossible.
We make decisions based on biblical truth.
We believe God has answers if we ask.
We leverage for maximum impact.
We do things together for best practices and influence.
We are data driven and accountable for results.
We unapologetically invite people to fund God’s work