The purpose of the Government Domain is to mobilize Christians to create a culture of community involvement in the political process in our city, state and nation.

Did You Know?

Did you know? All of the “… 56 signers of the Declaration of Independence proclaimed that both the laws of nature and God himself gave our country the right to become an independent nation. They claimed divine authorization for the very existence of the United States of America.” (Politics According to the Bible – Wayne Grudem)

Many American Christians were not aware of our Judeo-Christian values woven into our nation’s founding documents. For many of us we saw the political battles played out before us in our community, cities, and media, and then chose to not engage. This choice to not engage created a void in our government.

We are commanded as followers of Jesus Christ to seek the peace and prosperity of our city, state, and nation. This is why 4Tucson desires through our mission to unite and mobilize Christians with the true educational foundations of our civil, state, and national governmental process. The 4Tucson Government Domain provides nonpartisan learning opportunities to unite Christians in Tucson under God’s truth and our founding fathers intended purposes for the freedom of our fellow citizens.

The purpose of the Government Domain is to mobilize Christians to create a culture of civic involvement in the political process within our city, state, and nation. We seek to mobilize Christians to defend life, liberty, and justice as it is aligned with God’s ways and our country’s founding documents.

Meet the Government Literacy Facilitators

  1. Piet and Mary Van de Mark
  2. Chris & Bobby Jo King – The Bridge Church
  3. Bryan Platt – Christ Community Church
  4. Cathy Tesi – Congregation Beth Sar Shalom
  5. Claire Morgan – Ironwood Hills Church
  6. Al Vasey – Pantano Christian Church


4Tucson is creating disciples in teaching that our rights come from God and its governments job to protect those rights. 4Tucson is famous as the organization that helped bring the Patriot Academy to Arizona and to introduce Patriot Academy Biblical Citizenship classes.

It is with this understanding we invite you to join us for our series of Government Literacy classes which apply biblical principles in our current social and political climate.

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