Friends for L.I.F.E. Donor society

Friends for L.I.F.E. is 4Tucson’s large donor society. Friends for L.I.F.E. members are a dedicated group of Christians who are intentionally looking to invest their Labor, Influence, Finances and Expertise to preserve the foundations of our society.

As a Friend for L.I.F.Eyou will be presented with opportunities to invest your:

  • Labor by volunteering on city-wide projects or with our 4Tucson staff;
  • Influence by sharing wise counsel in the development of biblical action plans for solving the systemic problems in our city;
  • Finances by generously giving to support key programs, projects and training events that create positive change for the Kingdom of God;
  • Expertise by serving on the Board of Directors, assisting Domain Directors in key areas of development or serving on a Taskforce in one of the City-wide Focus Areas.

When you choose to be a Friend for L.I.F.E. you are joining an exclusive group of Christians who not only pray together for God’s blessings on our city and who invest the resources God has entrusted to them in the biblical transformation of Tucson. As a Friend, you will have access to key information on 4Tucson’s strategies and tactics before they are made public.

 Benefits of being a Friend for L.I.F.E.  

  • Invitations to special gatherings exclusively for Friends for L.I.F.E.
  • Invitations to invest in Kingdom Opportunities that advance the cause of Christ in our city.
  • Access to quarterly progress reports with updates, measurable results and next steps from each Kingdom Opportunity you choose to invest in.