Executive Orders

By Paul Parisi   7-10-2023

1 Corinthians 4:5

“We must judge, but we are permitted to carry that judgment only so far. If the judgment is carried farther than God permits, we have gone beyond the bounds of our authority and intruded into someone else’s—likely God’s”.

The framework of our US Constitution, with 3 branches of government, is a work of art. With checks and balances, each branch has a definitive role to play. The legislative branch passes laws; the executive branch carries out the laws; the judicial branch interprets and applies the laws. When all 3 branches stay in their respective lanes, the republican form of government runs smoothly. When they stray from their defined roles, we have chaos.

Recently, Arizona Governor, Katie Hobbs, has signed 3 executive orders that some elected officials and stakeholders in our state say are illegally creating law. Others, like Planned Parenthood, applaud her action.

Since Roe v Wade was overturned by the US Supreme Court a year ago, state legislatures now have the authority to pass laws limiting abortion. In Arizona, the courts are determining if our territorial days’ law which prohibits abortion except to save the life of the mother or a newer 15 week ban will be Arizona law. Until an awaiting Arizona Supreme Court ruling, the 15 week ban is in effect.

Governor Hobb’s signed Executive Order 2023-11, authorizing all abortion laws to be under the authority of Arizona Attorney General Kris Mays, who is prohibiting elected county attorneys from prosecuting violators of abortion laws. 12 out of 15 Arizona County Attorneys have signed on to Hobbs rescinding this executive order that strips them of their duly elected duty to uphold all laws. Since before being elected Governor Hobbs has proclaimed, with vulgar profanity, that abortion will remain in Arizona.

The next Executive Order 2023-12 funds state employees’ health insurance to pay for gender reassignment surgery and drugs that they call ‘gender affirming’ care. Though gender dysphoria is a mental condition, the next Executive Order 2023-13, prohibits any state agency from using funds to pay for therapists to treat this condition. Hobbs calls mental health treatment for any LGBTQ person including youth as “conversion therapy”, opting for treatments with drugs and surgery.

4Tucson ally Cathi Herrod, president of Center for Arizona Policy, gave this press release:
“Governor Katie Hobbs should have run for the Arizona Legislature again if she wanted to make law. Arizona lawmakers who represent Arizonans from throughout the state are tasked with passing new laws, not the Governor.

This power grab is not only partisan, but it is unwise and dangerous. What she calls ‘conversion therapy” amounts to basic counseling for those struggling with their gender. It is likely unconstitutional to tell therapists what they can say and citizens what therapy they can seek. It is also unconscionable to block coverage for counseling and health services sought by state employees and their dependents.

Hobbs also appears to be encouraging irreversible and experimental sex- change surgeries and drug therapies at a time when European countries are increasingly pulling back because of the damage done to so many. We also continue to see more and more people de-transition after regretting the permanent effects of such drug therapies and surgeries.

“We are closely reviewing the terms of the executive order and researching Arizona statutes and case law”.