Drag Queen Story Hour Postponed

By Paul Parisi   3-27-2023

Over 50 years ago in New York City, Manhattan’s 42nd St was notorious for sleazy bars, strip joints and burlesque houses that featured transvestite entertainers. There were big signs on every establishment that prominently stated “Adults Only”. It was universally accepted that adults were prohibited from exposing children to adult vices, fetishes and perversions.

This past weekend, Tucson’s Bookman’s Entertainment Exchange temporarily postponed a drag queen story hour for children. Men dressed as women in sexually provocative costumes were billed by Bookmen’s as children’s literacy.

Bookman’s President, Sean Feeney, attributes the postponement to a planned protest by Tucson’s The Bridge Church. I attribute the postponement to the pastoral leadership of The Bridge Church’s Senior Pastor, David McAllister. When the church stands up for Jesus, the devil retreats.

At this moment, there are several bills making their way through the Arizona Legislature that are intended to protect Arizona children from being sexualized by adults at many levels. They include prohibiting sexual performances in the presence of minors, no state money for drag shows and banning sexually explicit material in schools. All of these bills are expected to be vetoed by Governor Hobbs.

Have we strayed so far from biblical truth of what is a man and woman to affirming delusion? Our children are being taught that at birth, sometimes the doctor makes a mistake as to what the gender of a child is. I agree, a typo could be made on a birth certificate but there is never a mistake by a doctor as what the gender of a baby is.

In rescent years, there has been a phenomena of children that now identify in their minds as the opposite sex. What has contributed to the spread of this phenomena is adults affirming and/or encouraging this gender dysphoria (for instance, adults taking their children to drags shows). As Christians, we love all of God’s creation and if we truly love our children, we must tell children the truth with love.

We have gone from accepting people dressing as the opposite sex to giving children drugs that neuter them for life and even promoting surgical genital mutilation. It’s not just that more and more children are suffering from this mental disorder; many of the adults influencing them are just plain nuts!

If we truly love our children, we must follow the biblical truth of gender.