Where Are The Men?

By Dominic Saxton on 5-15-2024

Where are the men going? Men are disappearing from church, but even more alarming men are disappearing from society. Statistics show that men are leaving higher education, the work force, the Church, and not pursuing relationships. On a darker note, men are increasingly disappearing from society permanently. Male suicide rates have spiked over the last 5 years and are now 4 to 5 times greater than women. If you are a male younger than the age of 30, statistically, the most dangerous thing to be on the planet to you is yourself.

The major culprit is the rapid advances in technology over the last 100 years. Studies from brain scans and psychiatric analysis show that the younger generation’s brains are developing differently than the older generation. As society spreads out, children have fewer siblings, and we no longer know our neighbors. Children are forming fewer connections, and they are replacing it with an endless supply of dopamine through entertainment. The internet is an unsafe place for kids because of the constant potential for exposure to unregulated content. Even the safe places online are carefully designed to keep the constant attention of the viewers.

Entertaining digital content has the ability to turn off the part of the brain that deals with negative emotions. When these negative emotions are not processed through thinking, talking through them, and experiencing overcoming them, the brain will start to avoid those feelings. Negative emotions and discomfort help push the brain to grow and change. When we do not process these emotions, the brain stays in a state of irrational feelings which is causing a whole generation to make decisions on primarily how they feel, and then diagnosing themselves into a personality type. Anxiety, addiction, and depression is sweeping through our nation, 60% of Gen Z have been diagnosed with anxiety. For children who grow up in active, engaged, and loving homes the effects are minimized. Kids who have the disposition to make friends early will create better habits and will develop better. But for the children who fall behind due to a disposition, childhood trauma, or a missing father. Their mind and their body become a prison– an escapeless nightmare. The trauma causes their minds to separate from their bodies as a protection mechanism to save them from the pain. Which is not a mistake, it’s a feature. Our minds can protect us from the outside world. But if these children do not receive love, care, and truth they will not be able to fully experience connection with others and leaves the younger generation in a weakened state.

Now that 95% of men are no longer farmers, every young man is given an impossible task. He must piece together what he will provide to his community, and most young men will have to do this almost completely alone. There are endless options and what he decides will determine his status. We have created a world in which men are no longer needed to provide for others as work becomes less physical, and women have entered the workforce. While America has its problems, we have created a safe enough place where men are no longer needed for protection. Due to the rise in single-parent homes, most men are now not even needed to create a family. With the destruction of marriage and the normalization of hookup culture, disappearing from the dating market it will go unnoticed at least while everyone is young. In a practical sense, dating has become a game where a portion of people who can inspire the feeling of chemistry and excitement get to participate in looking for relationships. While the rest of men, in an attempt to gain independence, turn to videogames, pornography, entertainment and substances to show the society that is ignoring them that they do not need society.

I am not asking the Church to make men’s lives easier. Men’s lives have always been hard, and they should be, if they are going to develop into strong men. We need to shepherd the younger generation into mutual fellowship, discipleship, and faith with one another. We must walk with and understand them as they become leaders. It will be the young men of today who will lead our society back to Jesus.