The purpose of the Church Domain is to identify Christians who will promote the Kingdom of God within the city by partnering with their home congregation, encouraging their home congregation to partner with other congregations in tangible ways, and aligning with Jesus’ John 17 prayer for the Church in Tucson.

Why I Should Join This Domain:

1. We can help congregations and individuals discover their parts in the one, City Church.

2. We can help you develop/discover opportunities to significantly engage in visible, transformational Christian unity.

3.We can help pastors meaningfully connect to other pastors, crossing denominational, ethnic, generational, and geographic lines.

4. We develop/publicize opportunities for pastors and all leaders to grow in their leadership skills and opportunities.

5. We provide opportunities for congregations and individuals to be made aware of and connect to the work being done in the other domains, in other congregations, and through our strategic alliances.

6. We are committed to progressing in the areas where God is most powerfully moving, such as partnerships with schools and with child welfare.