CEO Newsletter - March 2024

By LaKisha Deon    3-15-2024

“I will bless the LORD at all times; His praise shall continually be in my mouth. My soul shall make its boast in the LORD; The humble shall hear of it and be glad. Oh, magnify the LORD with me, And let us exalt His name together.” Psalms 34:1-3

4Tucson is Making Friends & Making a Difference.

The 4Tucson team has truly pressed into what our role is in Tucson as we seek God to see a city aligned with His ways. You may have wondered to yourself, “How in the world do we see a city aligned with Gods ways?”

I will say that in our flesh, it is not easy; in fact, it is extremely tiresome. What I mean by that is when we view the city with the perspective of man, it seems like it is a huge task. But when we seek God in prayer and invite other prayer partners to join, the task at hand becomes doable. It is in prayer and then obedience to the Holy Spirit’s promptings that we experience His almighty strength. Things just seem to happen. Doors open, invitations are received, and time becomes available.

God has taken gifts and testimonies of the 4Tucson staff and escorted us into rooms and discussions where significant solutions are being implemented for our city.  Our team has been able to bear witness to the love and compassion leaders in our city have for the people in our city. These are people behind the scenes working tirelessly to serve the least of these in Tucson.  

Recently in a meeting with several city stakeholders from nonprofit and government agencies, they shared the need for the Church (the collective body of Christians in Tucson) to step into the gap. They need the Church to serve in unity with joint efforts to help individuals re-entering society or those moving from homelessness and into permanent homes.

4Tucson has developed an easy way for families, churches, ministries, businesses, and individuals to assist in bridging the gap of resources allocated through government to resources allocated through Christ. This month we are launching the “Adopta _____ Program”. This program connects requests from agencies or ministries with those interested in fulfilling the requests. We’ve broken down the needs into bite-size pieces so everyone can support our neighbors in need. For example, we learned that families were being delayed from moving into housing because the City’s team did not have anyone to assemble the furniture they ordered. Within days, 4Tucson was able to provide volunteers to assemble 18 pieces of furniture that allowed families to move into their new residences. The Adopta Program will provide more ways for the Church to come alongside the City and County as we work together to implement solutions in Tucson.

To learn more about the Adopta Program and to see how you can participant, please Click Here.

If you didn’t catch last month’s 4Tucson podcast on “How do we see a city aligned with God’s ways?”, I shared several ways that 4Tucson is seeking to emulate the characteristics of God through our activities and partnerships we have throughout the city. In March’s podcast, I interview Pastor Andy Littleton of Mission Church Tucson in a thought-provoking discussion as we talk through the community-centric approach practiced by Mission Church to lead people to God.

Learn about Pastor Andy’s participation in the 4Tucson Housing Taskforce delegation to the Community First Village in Austin, TX, and his significant involvement with the Surge Network and Infuse Tucson training. Leave with innovative strategies and impactful initiatives that are shaping the mission-driven work of Mission Church and 4Tucson.

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