CEO Newsletter - January 2023

By LaKisha Deon    1-17-2023

Happy New Year. I am LaKisha Deon, the new CEO of 4Tucson. The first couple of weeks in 2023 has been a whirlwind of adjustments in my new role. The 4Tucson team is well on its way to discovering ways to unite and mobilize Christians to engage in working towards resolving systemic issues in our city.

We are grateful to God for gifting 4Tucson with amazing individuals living out their purpose to see a city aligned with God’s ways over the last 11 years. Throughout the years 4Tucson has seen many biblically driven organizations birthed and inspired by the initial promptings of 4Tucson. Tucson is better for each of these organizations. Our founder and former CEO, Mark Harris helped spark a movement led by a vision given to him by God.

As the new CEO of 4Tucson, I believe God desires to transform our city. In the fall of 2011 this belief was precipitated while stationed with my husband at Lakenheath Air Base in the United Kingdom. In that year God shared with me that He desires to transform cities around the world, and He wants me to be a part of this mission. That year I was introduced to Johnny Enlow’s book, 7 Mountain Prophecy. Enlow stated, “God is preparing a spiritual tsunami to sweep the nations and reclaim our culture for Christ.”

Fun Fact: My family and I left Okinawa, Japan (Kadena, Air Base), March of 2011, one day after the first series of earthquakes and tsunamis stuck Japan. So the analogy of the spiritual tsunami is not lost on me. God is Good. 🙂

The idea of God reclaiming our culture and transforming cities was an incredible concept for me at that time. I began to imagine Christians fully living for the LORD in all domains of society. The concept of God reclaiming our culture took me to research the Word studying and seeking answers on how Christians can achieve the task of reclaiming cities for the LORD.

Fast-forward to 2016, my husband Alonzo received military orders to Davis-Monthan Air Base. Immediately we were connected to Pantano Christian Church. It was during the church’s newcomer orientation that I was introduced to 4Tucson. I thought to myself, “Finally, an organization that is searching scriptures to make a coordinated effort to Biblically transform cities.” I no longer had to imagine. I felt the Holy Spirit urging me to learn more about 4Tucson.

Today, I am excited that God sees fit to appoint me to the role of CEO over an organization that has the privilege to unite with God, the Church, and the city to bring the peace and prosperity God intended for Tucson.

4Tucson’s Vision and Mission will not change but our strategy will. This year we aim to be more publicly present through robust communications and strengthening church relationships to support evangelism in Tucson.

I am grateful for Mark Harris’ obedience in bringing this God-given vision of 4Tucson to where it is today. Mark is an amazing mentor that God handpicked for my husband and me to learn from. Over the last five years, Mark has demonstrated how he lives his L.I.F.E. (Labor, Influence, Finances, & Expertise) for the Lord. I am honored to be selected as Mark’s successor for 4Tucson.

My Husband of 20 years, Alonzo, and our four children, Armon (17), Alon (15), Amil (11), and Alina (9), look forward to fulfilling our family’s vision of making an impact in our community for the Kingdom of God. We see this new role as a symbol of the divine appointment God gave us as a family.

I look forward to meeting each of you soon and listening to how God is working in your life.

If you have time this week, I invite you to join 4Tucson and others on Thursday morning, January 19th, from 7:30 – 9:00 am for a time of prayer and fellowship for our city and for 2023.