CEO Newsletter - February 2024

By LaKisha Deon    2-27-2024

Discover the 4Tucson Podcast, your ultimate platform for engaging discussions with Tucson’s leading figures from diverse sectors like government, business, and social services. Spearheaded by our CEO, LaKisha Deon, each episode features captivating dialogues with industry trailblazers making significant contributions in Tucson. Together, they explore innovative solutions and share inspiring stories of change. Become part of the 4Tucson community, as we collaboratively work towards a brighter future for Tucson. Keep abreast with the 4Tucson Podcast, spread the word within the Tucson area, and engage with us. Connect, learn, and immerse yourself in the vibrant Tucson community. Experience Tucson’s heart as you enjoy getting to know its people and our cherished city through the 4Tucson Podcast.

The above is linked to our Youtube Channel. Below is our list of channels you can watch the podcast: