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Allowing babies born alive to die

Allowing babies born alive to die By Paul Parisi   4-3-2023 Our founding fathers based our US Constitution and Declaration of Independence on biblical truths. “We hold these truths to be

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Drag Queen Story Hour Pros[

Drag Queen Story Hour Prosponed By Paul Parisi   3-27-2023 Over 50 years ago in New York City, Manhattan’s 42nd St was notorious for sleazy bars, strip joints and burlesque houses that

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Economic Opportunity & Development Prayer Points

Economic Opportunity & Development Prayer Points 4Tucson Prayer Domain 10-1-2022 If you have an interest in reading more about what is behind this taskforce, please click here:Economic-Opportunity-and-Development-Report.pdf (4tucson.com). The report

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Prayers- Ukrainian Conflict

Prayers – Ukrainian Conflict 4Tucson Prayer Domain Pray that the hostilities directed towards the Ukraine cease.  Pray for the Lord to open the eyes of the Russian government to recognize

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Silence and Solitude

silence and solitude By Kris Calvert    3-17-2022 Greetings Pray-ers, Please continue to pray for what is going on in the Ukraine. An attachment below contains prayer points shared in last

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