Black History Month

By Paul Parisi   2-6-2023

February is Black History Month. Appropriately, 4Tucson’s February 1st Patriot Academy Biblical Citizenship in Modern America class was centered on Black History.

Have you ever heard of Wentworth Cheswell? He served 49 years in public office and rode with Paul Revere. Paul Salem killed British General Pit Cairn at the battle of Bunker Hill, leading to a victory for the Colonies. Prince Whipple crossed the Delaware with George Washington. James Armistead was a spy whose intelligence helped Washington defeat the British in the battle of Yorktown. All of these men were Black American heroes during the American Revolution.

Black history was taught in many of the old history books. However, Black history was mysteriously purged from history books after then President of Princeton University, Woodrow Wilson, wrote the 5 volume A
History of the American People
. Wilson would later become the 28th President of the United States. In his book, Wilson eliminated every mention of Black Americans in our history. His racist views had a great influence in American academia and in American society.

Black history is American history. The sin of slavery should not diminish the great contribution of Black Americans in our journey to be a more perfect union. When America was founded, unfortunately, every single country in the world had slavery. Black Americans bravely fought in the Civil War that ended slavery in America, the 4th nation in the world to do so.

Renowned educator Claire Morgan, who has taught many classes for 4Tucson, has produced several videos on Black Patriots of the American Revolution. Here is the first part of her 3 part series. Hope you enjoy it.