Tucson Lawmaker Hides Bibles

By Paul Parisi   5-1-2023

Last week I was appalled to see on the national news, Arizona State Representative LD 21 Stephanie Stahl-Hamilton caught on hidden video hiding bibles in the House of Representatives private lounge. For years, bibles have been placed in the lounge so representative can connect with God as they deliberate legislation. Most hidden bibles were found beneath cushions of chairs and other places. She did this repeatedly for some time before being caught on camera. Many feel her actions deserve an ethics complaint.

When confronted by House security, her excuse was “just a playful commentary on the separation of church and state’. The irony is that the US Constitution that she is sworn to upheld proclaims the free exercise of religion. Bibles or any other religious books  in the House lounge isn’t establishment of a state religion. I’m not sure, but I believe Representative Stahl-Hamilton put her hand on the bible when she took her oath of office.  

What is strange is that Stephanie Stahl-Hamilton is an ordained Presbyterian minister with a master of divinity degree from Princeton Theological Seminary. Despite her religious background, back in 2018, she helped champion Tucson Unified School District’s (TUSD) infamous Planned Parenthood style Comprehensive Sexuality Education curriculum, erroneously dubbed “Family Life Curriculum”. She won election to the legislature with the help and support of Planned Parenthood’s political endorsement.

Before TUSD adopted the new sex education curriculum, several TUSD Governing Board meetings were held. 4Tucson joined hundreds of pastors, parents and students protesting the so called Family Life Curriculum that includes the teaching of fluid gender and transgender ideology. It also teaches kids that they are empowered to consent to sex with anyone they choose. Many Hispanic pastors vehemently objected, stating such teaching is contrary to family, cultural and biblical values. In spite of the protest, the TUSD Governing Board adopted the policy Stahl-Hamilton helped create. On April 29th, Tucson High had its second annual drag show for students. The indoctrination is working. 

Separation of church and state is not in the US Constitution. Keeping the government out of our God given right to openly practice our religion is. You can hide bibles all you want but nobody can hide from God. Our good friend LD 19 Representative, Pastor Lupe Diaz, said last week as he opened the legislature in prayer, “The bible is God’s love letter to humanity”.