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Click on the video above to hear LaKisha speak about the Adopta Program, and how we are working with the City of Tucson to help the needs of the community.

By 4Tucson    Updated 4-16-2024

The Adopta Program has been developed due to demand for support from different ministries, churches, and agencies. One request in particular came from the City of Tucson Housing Department asking for pastors to accompany case managers while doing outreach to homeless individuals in order to build trust and offer spiritual support. Over the past few months, different types of requests have asked specifically for the Christian community to assist. What an amazing opportunity to share God’s love!

Recognizing the challenges that can occur in running a food pantry or storage for other items, we decided to develop a program that we hope will bridge the gap and streamline the process. There are a lot of individuals and churches who would be happy to help when needs arise but running a ministry out of the church can be cumbersome. That is where the idea of the Adopta Program comes in. It is similar to Careportal, except it serves anyone in need, and the types of services also vary widely.

It’s simple. The program connects requests from agencies or ministries with those interested in fulfilling the requests. We’ve broken down the needs into bite-size pieces so everyone can support our neighbors in need.

Below are the different Adopta Opportunities:

  • Adopta Snack Pack – Purchase and assemble snack items used for outreach
  • Adopta Pantry – Purchase pantry items for setting up a home
  • Adopta Kitchen – Purchase cooking and serving items for setting up a home
  • Adopta Mop – Purchase cleaning products and tools for setting up a home
  • Adopta Hygiene Packs – Purchase hygiene items for someone in need
  • Adopta Bathroom – Purchase bath linens and items for setting up a home
  • Adopta Bedroom – Purchase bed linens and pillows for setting up a home
  • Adopta Room – Providing furniture for setting up a home 
  • Adopta Postpartum – Purchase pampering items for a new mom
  • Adopta Helping Hand – Provide physical labor to a project such as assembling furniture, light landscaping, minor building repairs, moving, delivery, cleaning, etc.  
  • Adopta Mom – Be a peer support, encouragement, or parenting tips for a new mom
  • Adopta Inmate – Be a pen pal with someone who is incarcerated 
  • Adopta Friend – Offer friendship, encouragement to someone who has recently undergone a major life change such as becoming housed, becoming sober, widowed, or faced other major life changes
NOTE: For the Mom, Inmate, and Friend Opportunities, you MUST be 20 years old or older.
THANK YOU for your interest in this program!  
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