4Tucson's spiritual heritage tours

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By 4Tucson    4-15-2024

Dates for 2024:
Friday, May 3rd
Saturday, August 3rd
Saturday, October 5th
Saturday, December 7th

Acts 7:55 “But he, being full of the Holy Ghost, looked up steadfastly into heaven, and saw the glory of God, and Jesus standing on the right hand of God.”

Tucson has a rich spiritual heritage which is not always evident with the natural eye. On the 4Tucson Spiritual Heritage Tour, we will experience the history of our city and pray over four city domains (Church, Government, Education, & Healthcare). Our tour is an invitation to look back to the early years of Tucson, see where we are today, and to gaze forward to our desired future.

We will travel to 4 stops that represent Church, Government, Education, Healthcare in relations to Tucson’s spiritual heritage.

For all Tours, Meet:

5255 E. Williams Circle (The L Offices), meet in the lobby

  • 8:30 am check in with coffee and light breakfast
  • 9:00 am leave for a two-hour tour
  • 11:30 am return to The L Offices for lunch and presentation

What People are Saying About the Tour:

  • “Eye opening tour with a Christ centered viewpoint that demonstrates that keeping quiet allows evil to thrive. Pray, pray, pray. It is important for our city to be blessed by God.” – Sandy
  • “I thought the bus tour was very inspiring. It really inspired me to pray for the city. It was a great tour.” – Melanie
  • “The need to pray for our college students for future generational change and lives to come into relationship with Jesus since these students battle so much with relationships, addition, and suicide.” – Mary
  • “Preserving our history by protecting spiritual land like the San Augustin Mission.” – Ross
  • “It was very educating. Now I have the knowledge…and can pray for Tucson more effectively.” – Manuela
  • “Great bus tour! Tears at the razed site of San Augustin! What a loss! Reminded me how many buildings we’ve destroyed. Please do more tours. The info about Dia de los Muertos blew me away. Had no idea of the history!” – Peggy
  • “It was very educational. I’ve lived here over 39 years and did not know about these places.” – Eva
  • “Learned about the sense of darkness that historically has been in Tucson.” – Marie
  • “The wrestling between light and dark is evident in our city, but the tour gave insight to physical markers of what is important and valued. I have a new and fresh perspective that will continue to influence my prayer life. Our work is here, just outside our doors.” – Valarie