4tucson booth at the 2024 Festival of Books

By Lynda Robinson    2-27-2024

***Come back often as this blog will be updated as new authors and book signing schedules are finalized.***

This year at the 2024 Tucson Festival of Books, 4Tucson is collaborating with Calvary Chapel of Tucson Bookstore to showcase Word Weavers and Christian local authors literary talent. It is our privilege to partner with these authors as we participate together at Booth #152!

March 9 – 10, 2024, 9:00am – 3:00pm, University of Arizona Mall

John and Angel Beeson Headshot 2024

John Beeson is the Co-Lead Pastor at New Life Bible Fellowship in Tucson, Arizona. His previous work includes “Blogging for God’s Glory in a Click-Bait World” with Benjamin Vrbicek. Angel Beeson is the founder of and a counselor at Whole Hope Christian Counseling. The Beesons blog together at thebeehive.live. They have two young adult children (ages 20 and 18).

Trading Faces: Seeking fulfilment, many Christians turn to identities that promise to give their lives meaning: profession, roles as spouse or parent, personality types, even sexuality–anything that can be held up to others as the empowering core of who they are. But when these new labels don’t give them any real foundation for hope, they end up feeling disappointed, directionless, and defeated. Those false identities turn out to be only sand. John and Angel Beeson have seen this problem again and again in their respective roles as pastor and counselor. And they want searching Christians to know the truth: a fulfilling understanding of self can only be found by rooting one’s identity in the unchangeable and nonnegotiable understanding of who we were created to be. This husband-and-wife team considers ten identities that masquerade as truth and challenge readers to trade those labels for the ones Christ offers. They explain why true identity matters, how our masks can suffocate us, and how substitute identities can become idolatry. They share real struggles from real people. And they offer hope in a comprehensive index of our identities in Christ, both individual and the collective identity of the church.

Natalie Colburn 2024 Headshot

One of Natalie Colburn‘s biggest childhood dreams was to write and publish her own books. She’s come a long way from the first story she wrote about a frog on a lily pad. In October 2023, she published her first poetry book, a series of poems stemming from a challenging stage of her life. Now, in August of 2024, she has a debut novel that will be published. Without a doubt, she is grateful for everything that has happened in her life to lead her towards accomplishing her childhood dream.

Me Through Us: Me Through Us is a collection of love, of hate, of faith, and of doubt. It contains both joy and sorrow, both optimism and gloom. Both sides of a very real coin. It tells the story of a girl. She was torn apart but then put back together. Even through the heartbreak, she finds pieces of herself that she never knew existed. Sure, she lost some, but more importantly, she gained some. So when it’s all over, she can, without a doubt, look back and know that it was all God leading her to exactly where she is today. And for that, she couldn’t be more grateful.

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City Psalms is a collective of Christian musicians and artists working together to bless Tucson.

HOME: A stunning gallery of visual art submitted by local artists capturing aspects of Tucson that feel like home. This unique Community Art Collection is filled with photographs, artwork, sculptures, and sights that every Tucsonan is familiar with. Melding local visuals, art, and music lyrics together with Scripture and prayers for our city, this coffee table book is especially useful during this time when our connection with each other and our favorite places is limited. In partnership with 17 local organizations, the hardback book has been professionally crafted with over 100 high-quality pages, colorful images, and engaging design work, including contributions by over 30 local artists. It truly is a visual keepsake intended to move you in such a way as to experience a deeper sense of God’s goodness and love and a greater awareness of His active presence in our community.

Dave Drum Headshot 2024

Pastor David Drum is the founder and executive director of J17 Ministries, uniting the Body of Christ for a divided world. He’s the author of three books: Jesus’ Surprising Strategy; If It Was Easy, Jesus Wouldn’t Have Prayed For It; and Peace Talks: The Good News of Jesus in a Donkey Elephant War. David is a native of Tucson, a UA grad, and has been married to Valerie for 35 years, and together they have four children and two grandchildren.

Jesus’ Surprising Strategy: You’re likely familiar with Jesus’ prayer that His followers would be one. Less well-known is how strategic and timely this prayer is as well as how instructional it is about the kind of unity Jesus is praying for. Combine Jesus’ prayer with the apostle Paul’s citywide analogy, and you have a gift that provides powerful direction for how the body of Christ is supposed to operate in every city – direction that could provide the very societal transformation we so desperately seek and need. Jesus’ Surprising Strategy examines five levels of unity, each providing a practical, biblical means for the roles you can play to fulfill Jesus’ prayer in our day, in your relationships, and in your city.

If It Was Easy Jesus Wouldn’t Have Prayed For ItJesus’ John 17 prayer is far more strategic, central to the New Testament, and instructive than we realize – and it’s working! In the largely unchurched city of Tucson, AZ, countless people are turning to the Christian Church as an expression of the love of God for everyone in the city in areas such as foster care and places like the public schools. In an increasingly divided and immature world, Jesus prayed the answer. This second book from David Drum details new challenges and insights to his role of being an “employee” of John 17.

Peace Talks: In Peace Talks, Pastor David Drum examines America’s current state of disunion, and offers both as revealing look at seven contributing factors to the Donkey Elephant War, as well as a profound vision for the role of Jesus’ followers in lighting the way to greater unity. Peace Talks examines three Donkey Favorites and three Elephant Favorites, all of which are Jesus’ favorites. If you’re searching for a peace that speaks louder than today’s cultural shouting match, join David Drum and discover how Peace Talks.

Donna Bibeau Herring Headshot

Donna Bibeau Herring has known the Lord in a personal and intimate way her whole life. Which was and still is her saving grace. She grew up in a home that knew Jesus Christ.  He is her Lord and King along with being her Abba Daddy. She would love to share with you her life long walk with the King. 

Abused in Jesus’s Name is about growing up in a “Christian” home, and yet what went on behind close doors was another story. How does one understand the difference between the world’s view and examples of who Jesus is, and who HE really is… this is my story. Keep your eyes on Jesus the King and not on man. God will never abuse His power over you. That’s the difference.

Still a New Englander at heart, Tim Loraditch lives in Tucson, Arizona with his wife Melanie. After a measure of success as a landscape painter he began writing to explore other creative ways and reach more readers with his work. In addition to writing, he loves teaching middle school and high school students.

Coffee House Tales is a collection of short stories of various genre. There are both fiction and non-fiction as well as a few poems in between. This first volume of short stories includes “The Christmas Inn,” where a famous thriller author is trapped in THE Hallmark movie plot. Also, two stories about “Tom and I” and our mishaps painting houses and drowning sea worms. Then Henry McCarthy Middle School students learn how to deal with a bully. The collection ends on a more serious note with “The Unwelcome Friend” a story about Stephen’s unexpressed emotions.

Gary Lovelace Headshot

Gary Lovelace has an MBA with 35+ years of business entrepreneurial experience. He has owned four different businesses ranging from security sales, a small audio stereo store, real estate sales and activities including development, investment, brokerage and marketing, and a construction site security business. The largest business was a chain of fitness centers which ultimately employed over 370 people. He has owned businesses off shore, and invested and consulted in a wide variety of businesses as well. He has been married 54 years and enjoys golf, skiing, and participating in a number of high energy sporting activities like ATV riding, competitive racquetball, and more. In this book He has blended the practical best practices principles of business and the practical reality of the spirit of God working in and through you for success in business and advancement of the kingdom.

inGod has told us that everything we put our hands to can prosper in some way and that includes our business activities. Doing Business by the Spirit will help you achieve all that God has purposed for your business, or the vocation where you earn your living. A business is a legal chartered entity and God can also charter your business into an entity for a positive kingdom impact like nothing else can do. Your business can be a financial impact on your employees, community and the nations. No matter what position you have you can achieve a new level of success with God’s spirit energizing you. The true life miracle stories in the book will demonstrate the reality of what God’s Spirit can do for you. We spend more of our time in our business related activities and any other part of our life, so shouldn’t this be the most enjoyable, purposed, and profitable part of our life? It can be, as we learn, to partner and do business by the power and presence and leading of the spirit of God within us.

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Lynda Robinson is the Chief Operations Officer of 4Tucson, a Christian non-profit in Tucson that is focused on mobilizing the Christian community with the goal of aligning the city with God’s ways (www.4tucson.com). She previously spent 27 years in K-12 education, first as a teacher, then as a school counselor. She was also an instructor and instructional coach for a Fortune 500 company until being impacted by the pandemic of 2021 and branching out on her own to complete writing projects that she had been planning for many years. Along with working with 4Tucson, she is currently a leader of the women’s ministry in her church and spends her free time teaching essential oils classes and coaching new home-based business owners in speaking and teaching.

I Am Strong in Jesus’ Name: This activity book is written as a second version to “I Am Strong.” This version is meant to connect with kids of all ages who have a strong Faith in God, and to show how scripture and faith can affect their daily lives. This is a great tool for helping kids write out or draw their feelings, and great as a communication tool for teachers, Sunday School teachers, parents, counselors, or anyone wanting to help kids connect with God at a deeper and more meaningful level. The proceeds from this book will be placed in a college/post-secondary education scholarship fund for kids who have been in foster care or adoption situations. This scholarship is in honor of Traci Lynn Butler. Details can be found on www.lyndarobinson.com.

This book, along with the first version, can be purchased also on Amazon: https://a.co/d/7GDncf0

Rod Robison is an author, Mentalist, and Magician who has entertained audiences at London’s acclaimed Magic Circle Theater and aboard Holland America Cruise Lines. He’s a featured speaker and performer at world-famous Canyon Ranch Resort and the author of The Magic of Cultivating Positive Emotions and Unmasking the Masquerade: Three Illusionists Investigate Deception, Fear, and the Supernatural. Rod will be performing fascinating magic and mentalism at our booth.

The Magic of Cultivating Positive Emotions: The Magic of Cultivating Positive Emotions reveals techniques mentalists and magicians use to influence the audience’s thoughts and how you can use them to improve your mental health. It’s a fascinating behind the scenes look at how our minds can be fooled and how we can rewire our thinking.

Unmasking the Masquerade: Unmasking the Masquerade is a riveting book written by three illusionists who investigate deception, fear, and the supernatural. It boldly reveals answers to questions: Do some humans have supernatural powers? Is it possible to read minds? How do psychics get their secret information? Could the miracles of Jesus have been an illusion? What about those magicians in the Bible? Should we be afraid of Satan’s powers? And MUCH more.

Kevin Tinter 2024 Headshot (1)

Kevin Tinter is a proud husband of 25 years to his beautiful wife Bekah, father of three sons and one daughter and best selling author of “The Seven Disciplines of Uncommon Freedom”. A veteran of the US Marine Corp and former police officer in Hillsboro, OR, Kevin is not only passionate about defending our freedoms but driven to help others achieve Uncommon Freedom® in their lives. He and Bekah went from overstressed, overweight, unhealthy and a net worth of less than $200,000 in 2011 to ultra healthy in their 40s, thriving financially and committing to giving away a significant portion of their business gross (over 50% in 2023). Kevin is a co-founder of Bek and Kev LLC, a coaching company with the mission to pay their transformation forward, helping others thrive physically, financially and in their relationships and to live a life of intentional generosity. Kevin is passionate about helping people become better stewards of every aspect of their life and his personal mission is to help others reach their potential and maximize their impact so they can make the world a better place.

The Seven Principles of Uncommon Freedom: Endorsed by leadership authority John Maxwell, this groundbreaking book is your guide to achieving a life of extraordinary freedom and fulfillment. Learn the disciples that have already helped over 100,000 individuals unlock their true potential. Now, it’s your turn. In these pages, Kevin Tinter, an eight-figure coach and entrepreneur, shares exactly how to: Design a Life of Purpose: Align your daily actions with your deepest values and dreams. Forge Unbreakable Relationships: Cultivate a bulletproof marriage and parenting strategies that instill purpose and direction. Cultivate Successful Habits: Transform your health and mindset to set the foundation for lasting success. Achieve Self-Mastery: Develop the discipline to create wealth and steward it with wisdom. Live a Life That Honors God: Make choices that reflect your commitment to a higher purpose and an eternal impact. Kevin Tinter reveals the seven disciplines that are the cornerstone of a life filled with passion, purpose, and unprecedented success. John Maxwell says, “I believe a single book can pivot your life—and this, my friends, could very well be that book. Kevin and Bekah Tinter are the real deal. They are beautiful people who care enough to lead well.” The Seven Disciplines of Uncommon Freedom is not just a book; it’s your roadmap to a life that exceeds your dreams. Whether you’re seeking to enhance your personal life, strengthen your marriage, or leave a legacy that transcends the physical and temporary, these disciplines are your key to unlocking a future you’ve only imagined. Embrace the journey to reach your fullest potential, maximize your impact, build the life you’ve always wanted.

After seeing the world only as a colorful blur, author and speaker Karen Wingate was the recipient of a chance surgery that gave her better eyesight than she had ever had before. Karen used her 30 years of writing experiences in children’s educational curriculum, devotions, and magazine articles to relay her exploration of her new eyesight and the spiritual connections she made in her book, With Fresh Eyes. A hometown girl, Karen returned with her husband to Tucson after his retirement. Visit Karen at www.karenwingate.com.

With Fresh Eyes: 60Insights into the Miraculously Ordinary from a Woman Born Blind journals what Karen Wingate saw for the first time after a chance surgery cleared her limited eyesight to see the world as she had never seen it before. Karen uses humor and whimsy to draw connections between physical sight and spiritual understanding in ways that will give you a renewed delight in all that is good and beautiful.

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Word Weavers Southeast Arizona is a group of Christian writers. We are dedicated to improving our craft and we critique one another’s work in a monthly meeting. Writers of all levels are welcome!

Word Weavers Southeast Arizona: Timothy Loraditch, Nick Pintozzi, Charity Plumb, Patrice Unruh, Karen Wingate, Taryn Yarbrough