4Tucson is now a Qualified Charitable Organization

4T Qualified AZ Tax Credit 2024 Slider
By LaKisha Deon    2-27-2024

We are so excited to tell you that as of February 9th, we are on the list for Qualified Charitable Organizations (QCO) that the State of Arizona accepts for the dollar-for-dollar Arizona Tax Credits.

How does this benefit you? Your donation dollars have now increased in benefit to you! Any donations to 4Tucson from February 9th to April 14th of 2024 can count towards your 2023 giving. Just keep in mind that the allowable amount will increase in 2024.

When you donate to a QCO, you can receive a dollar-for-dollar tax credit that reduces your overall state tax liability, even if you claim the state standard deduction.

The maximum amount allowable for 2023 taxes for singles is $421, and for married filing jointly $841. The maximum amount allowable for 2024 taxes for singles is $470, and for married filing jointly $938.

Please work with your tax preparer in this process. For more information, go to https://azdor.gov/tax-credits/credits-contributions-qcos-and-qfcos.

If you use a tax preparer, let them know that you are donating to 4Tucson (QCO #22704). Be sure to keep a copy of your donation receipt. You will also want to keep a copy of Form 321 and/or 352, which are forms filed with your annual tax return if you donate to a QCO, for your records.

We encourage you to take advantage of this program and keep 4Tucson in mind when considering where to donate. Your gifts will help 4Tucson to continue mobilizing the Christian community as we work together to see a city aligned with God’s ways. We are looking forward to the time when His peace and prosperity are experienced by all generations.

Thank you in advance and God Bless!