3-Day Pastor Prayer Summit

By Dave Drum   3-28-2023

What would it take for us to experience a fresh outpouring of the Holy Spirit in Tucson? I know of no better answer than to align ourselves with what Jesus prayed as He headed to the cross – that we would be one with one another in love and in Christ. Jesus is more motivated to see His Body revived than any of us ever will be.

Tucson’s first three-day pastor prayer summit in 2009 shifted the spiritual atmosphere in our city. We’re not the same today as we were prior to 2009. We need another shift, a fresh reviving outpouring, don’t you agree?

I believe our next three-day pastor prayer summit April 24-26 provides us with a powerful opportunity to pray for such a revival in our midst. Will you prayerfully consider clearing your calendar for those 51 hours and set aside the time? I believe it’s going to be incredibly significant, and we need you there. Check HERE for the details and to register. Scholarships available thanks to the generosity of some within our community.